Competition – An attitude turned lifestyle.

Famously said in the movie “3 Idiots”, competition begins ever since we are a sperm. We compete a few million other sperms, to form a cell, who becomes a human. So, now, my question is – “Is this an evidence that Competitiveness is mankind’s innate virtue?” Judging from the current lifestyle, the current attitude and the current approach of humans, towards life, it certainly seems so.

Just look around yourself…. 😛

In class, there’s competition between nerds for the first rank, between the back bench-ers for, well, the back bench obviously 😛

At a traffic signal, trucks and cars and bikes alike, keep revving their engines and try to get an inch ahead of each other even when the signal is bright red! Like it’s going to make an hour’s difference to the world! 😛

When switching from one class to another, that are consecutive, I’ve seen guys and girls trying to run the 10-20 metres to the adjacent class just to get the first seat! Like, seriously? -.-

It doesn’t end there though! There’s competition for popularity among friends, for academic scores, for athletic abilities, for unique skill sets and lots more!

People compete with everyone else to become the best, to obtain the best and to produce the best in everything they do! So now, where’s the harm here? Isn’t it an ideal situation? Competition should be healthy right? 😛 Yes, no glitches here, IDEALLY!!!! >.<

Ideal conditions are perfect conditions, and perfection is like infinity, you can keep trying to reach it, but you never can! And THIS is why, the journey is always more important than the destination! Our journey towards perfection should be what’s more important than the ideal final destination!

Alas! 😦 We’ve forgotten this, and it’s become quite disastrous. The competition we involve ourselves in, is it healthy? Are we really paying attention to our means of achieving what we want?! The nationwide entrance exams these years, have well….become MORE competitive! Like it wasn’t enough before! -.-

We’re not just educated in those subjects in classes anymore! We’re also trained to compete for the best! We’re told that friends will end up as enemies! We’re told that be friends with those who are better than you, not those who drag you down! We’re told to be like our other friends who perform better than us! We’re taunted because of the company we keep and advised to leave some of our friends just because they don’t make it in the good books of the educationists! We’re beaten and driven with fear of severe consequences and expected to ameliorate our performance! like WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON HERE!!!! >.<

Is this education or slave-training? Corporal Punishments? Taunts? Fear? Pressure? Stress? Restrictions? GREAT expectations? No extra-curriculars? Even Carbon would form Diamond quickly this way!

Right now, we’re only students. Let’s revisit the previous sentence – “we are only STUDENTS!” Students, those who are learning! But do we not learn for the rest of our lives? O.o Obviously you do! Which implies, you’re a student for the rest of your life!

You’re wondering what I am getting at? Think! 😛 The attitude of competition with others, inculcated at a very young stage, with such intensity that it becomes your lifestyle, is going to remain with you forever! Would you like to be known as the guy or girl, who’s always trying to show that they’re better than the others? Or as the guy or girl who only cares about being the best themselves? Selfish, you’d call it? Self-obsessed is what I’d call it! 😛

Compete! Fight! Prove Yourself! Be the best! These are great actions to follow, when you do it humanely! Now, what I don’t understand is, why would you ever compare yourself with anyone else? Hmmm…Let’s think, Lack or excess of self respect? Low or exceedingly high self-confidence? Inferiority or Superiority Complex? A hundred mark test. The best is a hundred. the best guy got 97 and the next 94. Now why would he say,”Oh, I’m second best by three marks”? It’s a HUNDRED MARK TEST! The best is a hundred, not what the other guy got! Not even the first is the best, because even he did not obtain the best!

Here it comes, the root of the statement that “Competition is Healthy” – You’ve to compete with yourself and only yourself! You can’t better anyone else, because no two are the same! Why not try this – aiming for the best possible, rather than the best achieved yet? He got a 97, so what? Don’t aim for a 98, aim for a 100! Because there’s always someone that betters the existing best, that is why the word competition even exists!

Its the healthiest or the most hazardous lifestyle, depending on how your attitude is! Compete with yourself and you’ll never be number one, but always the best! Compete with others and you might be number one for a while, but not always the best! Now, I don’t know about you guys, but I definitely always want to be the best!

Wonder, think and observe where you lack. You might never be called a complaint box then, because you’ll only be looking at your faults and ameliorating them.

You’re not born perfect and you cannot be perfect. Yet, everyone has an equal chance of tending as much to perfection as they want. If only they will to perfect themselves with regards to themselves, and not others. (:

Be a healthy competitor, be the best of yourself! 😀


Logic Versus Emotion.

It was about a hundred and fifty years ago that I came here, on the land of life, on Earth. I was just a thirty Earth revolutions old at that time and was as oblivious to the planet as a newborn homo sapien would be.

I came from “Robotan”, the planet of humanoids who defeated a nameless species of weird looking insects. “Robotanians” were a bunch of extremely logical and intelligent species. But, mistake us not for artificial intelligence, as we too were the Universe’s creation and we were just looking for some “Human” influence in our lives.

Back on Earth, a hundred and fifty years ago, I was regaining consciousness in what is now known as the Grand Canyon. I was perfectly human from the outside and let my humanoid part get me out of there to be on a different part of the Earth. I landed in a city that never sleeps, Mumbai. Of course, it was raining heavily and despite being non-corrosive, I bought an umbrella and began to walk. I was guilt free at the time, having a perfect copy of the Indian currency in notes of thousand rupees. They also bought me a nice, spacious and luxurious apartment in Bandra, Mumbai.

Did I tell you that I do not age? Yes, I do not. So, I had to change my entire outward appearance every ten years. You could call me a con artist but, I was here as a part of a planned mission which I never knew of at that time. The first fifty years passed as five different people, with five different lifestyles, five different professions, five different religions and five different pets.

The next fifty years too passed away as five different people, but with a lot of social work for the poor in the society. This was not out of pity, since I hardly knew emotions, but, was an advice from my neighbor. Hence forth, every ten years of my life was spent in knowing different kinds of people but I don’t know why.

Now comes the important part. They were the last fifty years of my life. I had a new neighbor. She was beautiful, sweet, amicable, organized, hard-working honest and most of all, least emotional. She always wore a smile, but that of co-operation and not of any sort of liking. This evoked immeasurable amounts of emotions in me, constantly admonished by my body. But, they seemed to have a high persistent capacity.

I started to do what I call socializing and what the humans call flirting. Initially, it was difficult. She never seemed to feel humour but this made me try harder evoking in me the emotion of compassion and commitment. I, for the first time in my one hundred and seventy seven years of life, that is, three years ago, expressed my feelings. Yes, you read it right, I expressed my feelings. I presented her a red rose on the fourteenth of February. Her politeness or her love for me, I did not know which, made her accept my token of love. Wow! Love, I knew what was love! I felt the most human-like humanoid ever and was on the ninth cloud.

For the first time, a week ago from the present, I went to the temple with her. It was beautiful, and so was she. She told me that I could wish anything here and get it if I was true to my word. I wished, but I did not know that it would be fulfilled in the manner which I experienced just yesterday.

Yesterday was the day I was going to the priest with her, to marry her lawfully. I felt guilty too since I had lied about my parents as well as my true identity. But my emotions overpowered truth and logic. I got a burn by the fire we were sitting next to. It exposed my humanoid exoskeleton. It made her ask me that one question which now seems ambiguous to me. “Are you human?” she asked. I stood there making up my mind how to answer her logical question. Suddenly, as I watched thunderstruck and unbelieving, her face twisted, as if in pain, and she slowly……very slowly, began to disappear, and after a few seconds, completely vanished! I froze, and around me was darkness, nothing colourful.

I learnt the power of emotion and the inevitable existence of truth, all in such a short time of my long life. The next time I opened my eyes I was looking at my real parents, who were waiting, along with other real humanoids for me to teach them emotions. So, that was the plan.

Best Friends And Trends! :D

I often, well, not often but seldom wonder about the bonds of friendship. Maybe because I am too deep in these relationships that I don’t find the need to take an aerial view. But since I have started thinking about many things that one would rather just overlook, unconsciously that too, I started thinking about this too. But when you deeply think about this six-letter term, usually the next to being strangers, you end up exhausted but unanswered.

Does this amuse me? Yes.

Does this provoke and encourage my curiosity? Yes.

Does it frustrate me? YES. But frustration won’t help, so I count from ten to one.

This word has myriad definitions, uncountable interpretations and is basically used to show a link between two. My pillow is my friend, so is my mother.

Characteristic 1 – The term “Friend” is applicable to quite much everything and between everyone. It does not discriminate.

Friendship is a relationship. It initiates when there is a simple conversation and both sides show mutual interest. It is simple to develop, almost impossible to maintain. And since you can’t expect to have unlimited conversations without losing interest, you have to be really committed to maintain it. You rarely can be friends forever (bff) because you will always run out of topics to have a mutual conversation on. That’s why friends that see each other periodically rather than continuously enjoy each other more.

Characteristic 2 – Friendship is a semi-autonomously initiated relationship that is powered by the presence of mutual interest. To make it last, keep your distance from the other once in a while.

Friendship is a multi-storeyed relationship framework and time is the staircase to the top. The top is different for different people. Every increasing floor provides the friends more privileges and mutual benefits, provided they manage to climb so many stairs. It’s usually like friends –> good friends –> close friends –> best friends –> true friends. True Friendship is “Perfection” in this case. Which is analogous to Infinity in reality.

Characteristic 3 – Friendship always progresses with time to the upper levels, unless it breaks when one is no more interested in climbing on.

And, of course. Then there are trends and patterns. These are unimaginably complicated, because they are interdependent. Imagine an equation of rocket science. Now try and imagine something a million times more complicated than that, with a million permutations and as many combinations. But generally, the trend is that a friendship that has been initiated fails not long since it commenced OR it reaches its peak and transforms into another relationship, which obviously everyone knows about OR it reaches a high and then simply goes into Limbo OR it just as suddenly as a “boo” from behind a door in the dark, breaks and disappears. But these trends are well, not pure. They are influenced, by other trends. Just like a child’s thoughts, by the thought’s of his peers.

Characteristic 4 -Friendship follows a common trend or pattern, and ends suddenly or gradually, takes a new form OR simply continues, though very rarely.

I like having friends. People have 500 friends on facebook. I have 450 myself, but I  talk and meet just about 120 of them. No one has the time to interact with so many friends frequently, and that is why when you have too many friends, you tend to forget and lose the previous ones. It’s natural sustenance to maintain balance.

I remember when I had too many best friends at once. It was like juggling eleven balls when you are capable of just three. You keep making most of them fall, and when you bend to pick them up, the other ones fall. I felt helpless after a while, and I lost most of my friends. I liked all of them a lot, but time…..

How did I imagine myself to handle text-ing and meeting 11 best friends regularly while studying and managing my extra-curricular activities? I don’t know. And clearly I should have thought before I made so many best friends, just to lose them.

Well, that was the past. I learnt my lesson. I stepped-up my capability and now I can enjoy the blissful company of my best friends together, but I have drawn myself a limit. I am on the edge of it anyways, I have pathetic self-control. New people and new experience tempts me like The Mirror Of Erised tempted Tom Riddle. I hope you have read Harry Potter, because it is the best ever, I think.

Bottom Line – Having best friends for a lifetime requires just common sense about how interest in one thing done too much fades gradually. Make new friends, but not at the cost of old ones. In the end;

It’s times like missing friends,

That life can make amends,

For good things done too much,

Meeting a friend more than lunch.

It’s times like losing friends,

When life can define some trends,

Trends that hurt you maybe again,

Trends that may bring you pain.

It’s times like making friends,

When life fixes all the ends,

Its revival at its best,

When you feel just zest.

It’s the surreal bitter-sweet truth,

Friendship itself is a sleuth.

It limits you till where you can bear,

‘Cos buddy, life ain’t gonna be fair! 😛

Yet, don’t give up on people and especially don’t give up on friends. They make   life a beautiful place to live in and they will be the only ones to remember you when you are gone. They’ll miss you, like you’ll miss them. And missing is what makes a friendship last forever, because it makes the reason to meet one another also the reason to live on and on.

I’d like to say the biggest THANK YOU to all my friends, whichever floor we are on, for contributing to my life. I hope I’ve done the same to you(:

You Helped Me Find Myself.

My ten years of school just got over with a BANG! The farewell was quite amazing and memorable. For this special occasion, I wished to write a poem (Thanks to the girl who encouraged me beautifully!) about my love, Shishuvan School. Here it goes:

The School That Grew Up With Me

It was your very first run,

As I walked into your hall

I was six and you were one,

I was tiny, you were small.


There were so many like me,

Yet just one like you,

How lonely you’d be,

I wish I knew.


When I was ten and you were four,

I understood you a little more.

You bought me a freedom store,

And let my curiosity soar.


When I was thirteen and you were seven,

I’d be moody and you’d be heaven.

I’d love and hate you together,

You’d treat me much much better.


When I was fifteen and you were nine,

You made sure that I felt fine.

Studying, sports and studying in line,

You kept me busy all the time.

When I turned sixteen, you ten,

I’d miss you every now and then.

I was busy and you were too.

We’d be so close, who knew?


I can shout your name anywhere.

And write you many rhymes,

I can flaunt your colours everywhere

And praise you a billion times.


I can say we are connected,

More than we were before.

You have left me very indebted.

I cannot ask you any more.


I am still sixteen and you are ten,

But I feel six and you feel one again.

It feels just a second ago when,

Our memorable journey had begun.


This is my lovely Story Of Us,

We are two in one, you see?.

I’ll love you, Forever and Always.

The School That Grew Up With Me.

There is a certain beauty in school life, apart from academics and schoolmates. It is the way it completely unintentionally, yet always, makes you find your true self. There is this inevitable journey in which you initially depend on everyone for your identity, but as time passes by, you grow up and find yourself in you. This Finding sets you apart from the world, gives you an identity more unique than your full name and creates a space for just you in this world.

There are these special and lovely people too, though very very rare and few. They help you change in the most subtle manner possible. They give you priceless opportunities. They are proud and glad when you grow. They are selfless and modest to its extremities, and love you for who you are. They are the reason you never want to leave school. They are people for whom every word of praise falls so short of their true worth, that it seems disrespectful. They are true friends that give you all they have, and very happily too. They are inspiration by being just themselves. They make Shishuvan worth every life. They are people I will never forget. They helped me find myself. Thank You Shishuvan! You really mean the world to me! ❤

We Only Realize For Ourselves, Being The Humans We Are! :P

Have you ever noticed that there are people, who continue to avoid you, no matter what? And, this may be because of something you did, ONCE or MANY TIMES, in your past, that must have upset them. You must be guilty for it and you probably did apologize for it too.

BUT, in the ENTIRETY of your PAST with those people, you realized that the comparison of the “ONCE or MANY TIMES” of bad actions is almost insignificant, when compared to the magnitude of all the good actions you have done for them. Sadly, only you realize this. Well, DESTRUCTION has always been easier than CONSTRUCTION! 😦

Now, the irony here is that the VICTIM of your BAD ACTION goes around spoiling your reputation, by telling everyone about what BAD you did. But, if YOU go around telling people what GOOD you did, either there is DISBELIEF, or the focus changes from your goodwill to your complete LACK OF MODESTY. You are stuck, in this VICIOUS CIRCLE, where doing everything GOOD DOESN’T SHOW, and doing insignificantly BAD OTUSHINES. And this, my friend, is what irks you. Well, basically EVERYONE.

So now, almost EVERYONE complains that NO ONE sees the good we do, just the bad. Now, think LOGICALLY. If EVERYONE is complaining that, it means that EVERYONE is also facilitating the vicious circle for other people. Either, we were not observant enough to realize this, or just ignorant of others’ issues.

I have this friend. Best friend, in fact. I have promised to never ever get angry at my best friend, not just because I don’t ever want to lose my best friend, but also because my best friend is not worth losing over a small fight, or some anger.

Honestly, I promised so, because my best friend has done more than anyone can imagine, for me. My best friend has hurt me, sometimes, but, it is insignificant compared to the number of times my best friend made me smile. And plus, my best friend does not even need to tell me about the good things my best friend has done, because, that is all I ever notice, all that matters to me.

Now, is my best friend in the vicious circle anymore, with regards to me? NO. 😛 🙂

If you really want to be out of this vicious circle, start helping others out of it. Remember all those you are deliberately ignoring or avoiding. Compare the good things they have done, to the bad things they have done. I don’t mind placing my life on the bet to say that more than half of those people, you will realize, do not deserve your ignorance but appreciation.

When others see you pulling them out of the circle, by appreciation, believe me, you will be out of it, before you realize it. Not everyone realizes that we should not fight over who should be good to the other first. So, if you do realize, be good first, and see the favour return to you. Be the change you want to see.

I am being the change, when are you? xD

A Cheesy Kid With A Cheesy Chalk! xD

It was a hard day for Cheesy Chalk. Hmm, now you must be wondering why is the Chalk cheesy? Oh, it’s a long story, nonetheless, I will tell you.

It was Chalkday, that’s Monday for us. Chalk was rolling down the first bench in class. Honestly, I don’t know how it reached the first bench, because it usually is near the last bench. But, according to some rumours, I heard he was ill-treated to ill-treat someone. And he did feel bad, about it, about being bullied to bully an innocent Kid. So, as per an eyewitness, a.k.a., a Bystander, Chalk was thrown by the Teacher on a last bencher for laughing at a first bencher who made the last bencher unconsciously feel inferior by correcting that last bencher’s grammatical mistake and irking the last bencher to throw the Chalk on the first bencher when the Teacher turns around to look away from the last bencher eyeing at the first bencher.

Oh! First bencher, you were not alone,

With you suffered dear Chalk,

Who hit your head like a rock,

Fell into the open box of molten cheese,

Crying aloud, “Help Me Please! :(”

Little did he know as he was all alone,

Quoth he,”Was I always made to be thrown?”

First Bencher’s bag was where he landed,

Alas! Wasn’t he forever there stranded?

It was not hours before he was brought out, all yellow and yummy. The Kid was home, devoid of hunger, despite not having eaten his snack. Not because he saw the Chalk, because his hunger was stolen by his unfortunate yet new-found rebellious self. The Chalk was cheese-d in the Kid’s snack box. Hence, it was cheesy.

It was rebellion time. The Kid was ANGRY, Very Very ANGRY. But, since he was not as mean as he was ANGRY, he was more ANGRY on himself for not being ANGRY when he should have been ANGRY and not bean not mean. Noticed the deliberate error? Doesn’t matter though! 😛

“I am not who you think I was. Because `it was I, but it is not I`,” he told the cheesy Chalk lying on his bed. Chalk was MAD. It stands for Mentally Aggressively Discharging. He was breaking stuff by moving here and there, non-relatively. Hence, to the Kid, it looked like the chalk was vibrating.

Then, the Chalk saw the Kid seeing the Chalk that was seeing the Kid. The Chalk then saw the hand that was grabbing the Chalk. Then the Chalk saw the Kid talking to the Chalk. Haha! No, he heard the Kid. 😛 The Kid was smart, remember? So, obviously, he had an idea.

The Kid told the Chalk about the idea and the Chalk started vibrating up-down. It’s a Chalk-nod. Now’s the cool part that people usually love in the movies and which is accompanied by feet-tapping and thumping music beats. The preparation before the mission! xD If you have something worth tapping to, better put it on so you can read-in-the-mood! 😛

The Chalk went on a walk,

On the bed like a fed.

The Kid wanted to get rid,

Of the Bully totally – fully.

The Kid worked on the willow,

The Chalk had met the Pillow.

The Kid gathered the wrenches,

The Chalk paid the hench-es.

It was evening already. Let me introduce you to Pillow. Pillow was the fattest henchman in Bed. He was Kid’s favourite. Kid used to beat up his ghost friend with it! Chalk liked Pillow. So, Kid picked him up.

The spikes of the willow bored into the Pillow. Kid took the cheese from his snack box, contaminated with  Calcium Carbonate, and poured it into Pillow. Pillow screamed for a while, but didn’t cry. Obviously he wouldn’t, his cotton would get wet. Pillow had become more soft and squishy than ever.

Chalk got working at micro levels. He mixed Cheese-bursters and flatulence-musters. Kid had sectioned the Pillow, rather, partitioned it. The cheese was on one side, and the mixture on another.  Now, for the plan, Kid drew out a huge piece of chart paper. He drew a round and fat face at one end, an oval one with spectacles at the other. He drew himself at the centre, with a tiny circle next to him. Like This:

| (··)——————————  0 .  —————————————————– O

Hope you have understood this, because this is important.

The Kid was very tired. Thinking is exhausting, you see? I guess you might agree with me, deaReader. The Kid took the Chalk to the sink. The Chalk slipped out of his hand and hit the edge of the sink. He slipped inwards and was soon entertaining the Kid by skateboarding over the hydro-surface. Just imagine how cool it would be for the Kid…….! xD

Stop imagining now. The Chalk soon became white, again. He was happy to be wet, it made him STRONG and SIGNIFICANT. It was past bedtime, for the Kid. Chalk never slept. As white as a Vampire, wasn’t he? xD He was brighter than the Sun in the morning.

The Kid got ready for school. He packed his bag, put Pillow in it, carefully. He kept Chalk in his breast-pocket and jumped down 6 steps of his staircase at once. He was a timid athlete, now you know. The bus arrived at an unusual time, suggesting an unusual day, with unusual events by unexpected people. So Cooooool. =D

The bell was ringing, as the Kid was running to class. The bus got late, unusually, but, obviously. Never mind, the bus can wait. It was the same situation as yesterday, and the same class-situation was bound to occur. And it did.

The Chalk was thrown on the Last Bencher, by the Teacher of course. It was the same Chalk as yesterday, that Kid had placed it on the Teacher’s table. The Chalk hit the Last Bencher’s head, and he got furious. As soon as the Teacher turned around, The Last Bencher rose, and fiercely swung his hand in the Kid’s direction.

Yesterday, when the Last Bencher had thrown Chalk, the Kid had noted its trajectory. Here’s where Brains beat Bully. As soon as the Bully swung his hand, Kid threw the Pillow.

Now is a little scientific part. The Pillow flew along the trajectory, towards the Bully. And so did the Chalk. Scientifically, they should have met somewhere in between, but, since the Kid knew about this, he had flung the Pillow earlier. So, the Pillow met the Bully’s hand before the Chalk in the Bully’s hand met the Pillow. All in all, the Bully punched the Pillow right in front of his face, and when someone asked him the opposite of “What is up?’, he became tearful. His project was doomed. It was not worthy of being called one any ways, so.

The Teacher asked the Bully,”Why did you get a Pillow here? Oh! It was one of your new pranks haan? Some new kind of cheesy stink bomb on the market?” The Bully was relatively deaf at that time. He was feeling guilty, for that Kid, who still had a mark on his head. The black mark left by a white Chalk. The Kid looked at the Bully in the eyes, and said (through his eyes),”This is your Chance To Change. Want to be my Best Friend?”

Transformation is inevitable, even if made impossible! Sometimes, you just need to experience the Feeling Of Feeling Disrespected, to understand what is Mutual Respect.

The Chalk returned to the Kid, politely, by the Bully. The Kid told the Chalk,”Thanks buddy. I missed you.” And the Chalk replied,”Isn’t that too CHEESY?” 😛

Bullies can be changed, if you believe they can be changed. Don’t hate them, change them.

This New Feeling, is not so old! O.o

Emotions are like hormones,

Most of them out of control.

But their effect on you only lasts,

Just until the next plays its role.

Hey Curious. It’s okay if you didn’t understand what the poem meant, some of them suck like that! 😀

A little SH once told me, I don’t remember what. But the little SH was so cute and all, that only my eyes were operating at that time. Then, my brain, of course. My lovely, hard-working brain, that does all sorts of tedious things, then thought- Oh My God! Am I imagining stuff. Someone seems to have drugged me, because I think I am hallucinating and all. Then my other half said-No re. It’s too good to be true, that’s why.Then my first half said-You’ve got to be kidding me, I mean, yes, that’s exactly what I mean. The second half said-Shut up. Now think about what you, oops, we are going to do to do what we want to do.

And, they did it. It took a considerable two years and five months approximately. There were those typical ups and downs. But, yeah, they did it. Thinking is amazing. It gives birth to curiosity so many times. Awesome na?

If you didn’t understand what they did, you don’t know me well. It’s high time you do. Wouldn’t want to suppress your curiosity, would you?

KBye And Thanks For Reading my mind. xD